It was de riguer for Italian gentlement of the 16th century. It assumed various forms throughout the courts of Europe and King Henry the English was said to have sported an especially magnificent example.

Today codpieces have long since gone the way of male pumps and padded britches. Women, not men, are preoccupied by fashion. According to Tanya Rosenberg “It’s about time men got into enticing women” – perhaps beginning with the codpieces she has constructed from a wide variety of materials which are currently on display at Powerhouse (3738 St. Dominique).

Each item matches the wearer’s personality – for men who like to play games there’s a peek-a-boo piece which can be opened from the top, more serious sportsmen can choose a hilarious form complete with fishing line and flies.

Many of these pieces are displayed attached to large-size photos of young men. “To really be appreciated they must be seen in motion,” says Rosenberg. Indeed, it’s easy to imagine the macho leather gloves and studs or the elegant twirls of pearls animated by their respective male types. But the outrageous arch of lights and the purple grapes are harder to place.

A grab-bag of less high-fallutin pieces was prepared for less pretentious viewers. (The difference between the size of most of the pieces and what they contained seemed enormous.)

But, is it art? The crowds who came to the opening which featured male nudes sporting codpieces and parading to the tune of the mandolin could have cared less – the sheer fun of this lively display melted the hearts of even the most hardcore fashions buffs. beste kasinoer pa nett