Lilith Performance Studio

Malmo, Sweden

May 2 & 3, 2008

Duration: 3 hours

In Dulci Jubilo (O Sweet Joy) refers to a Macaronic Christmas carol from the 14th Century. The old chime of bells in Lund’s Cathedral – In Dulci Jubilo – inspired Tanya Mars to compose a sound piece with different versions of the carol. Mars makes use of the ambiguous word Dulci, in Latin meaning sweet as in both gentle and cake. The artist transforms the space of Lilith Performance Studio into a surrealistic landscape of 150 cakes, a thousand dessert plates, magic and fire tricks. Mars eats and licks, alternately dances and crawls her way through the cakes in an extravagant image of pleasure, gluttony, generosity and egoism. Accompanying this sacred jubilee is a video piece made in an elevator in Malmö and another sound piece of a boy teaching Mars the alphabet in Swedish.